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Department of Geomatics

The study field of geomatics was opened for the first time in the Czech Republic at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of UWB. Our students acquire comprehensive knowledge of the provision, analysis, interpretation, distribution, and use of geographic information.

Teaching and research activities

The field of geomatics at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen has been developing since 1995 as the first in the Czech Republic when a special department of geomatics was established at the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Over time, it has developed into a stable, strongly staffed part of the university, firmly divided between teaching and research. The Department works in the fields of surveying (geodesy), cartography, remote sensing, photogrammetry, global positioning on the Earth's surface, geographic information systems, and building information modeling.

The Department of Geomatics is also behind major projects in the field of geophysical models and geoinformatics technologies.