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Research activities

Our team can boast a number of successfully completed projects. We are happy to welcome anyone who finds scientific work in the field of geomatics both a challenge and a pleasure.
Our Spin-offs Current and finished projects

The research team from the Department of Geomatics has long been involved in modern geodata collection methods and their use in modelling the Earth's gravity field, global climate change prediction and natural resource detection, and spatial planning.

In the field of open data collection, we mainly address technical and semantic issues in the areas of urban planning, transport, tourism, agriculture and health.

Other of our research areas are direct surveying methods - electronic tachymeters, combined GNSS stations - as well as indirect methods, including laser scanning systems (LSS), terrestrial photogrammetry, aerial photogrammetry and remote sensing. 

We have a strong presence in the field of modelling the Earth's gravity field, where we are developing the mathematical apparatus for modelling it using a variety of data sources, while seeking alternative ways of mapping it.

In multidimensional data modelling we combine the capabilities and approaches of several scientific and technical disciplines. Our team is mainly involved in modelling from a geoscientific perspective, moving between CAD, GIS, and BIM and VGE, and has experience in 3D printing.

Further information about projects we have been involved in are available here. Additional intel about our research is also available on NTIS website.