Geomatics is the field of the future

The study of geomatics is exploratory, interesting and, thanks to our lecturers, engaging and fun. Our graduates have no problem finding a wide range of positions in private companies and public administration.

If you are curious, you will have great years ahead of you with geomatics. You will learn the principles of all the basic areas of geomatics and related sciences. You will be able to collect spatial data independently, using both classical geodetic methods and modern geodetic methods (laser scanning, GNSS, etc.) You will be able to store spatial data appropriately in optimal data models in a database environment and analyze them using modern GIS methods. At the same time, you will learn how to visualize these data correctly using appropriate cartographic principles.

Graduates of the doctoral study programme Geomatics are profiled in the field of mathematical and physical geodesy, geodetic foundations and satellite navigation, geodynamics and gravimetry, geomatics and geoinformatics, geospatial data and data modelling, visualisation in cartography and geoinformatics with emphasis on internet applications. Significant links are made with the disciplines of mathematical statistics, numerical modelling, numerical methods, graph theory, theoretical computer science and complexity theory, applications of geometry and computational geometry.

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